David Benjamin


David Benjamin (b. 1974, lives and works in New York) received a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard and a Master’s in Architecture from Columbia University where he became an assistant professor. At his studio, The Living, he creates composite materials with unique properties enabling the exploration of new models for architecture and construction. His “Project Discover” (2017) uses generative design for architecture, while “Airbus Bionic Partition” (2016) relies on bionic algorithms and generative design for industrial production. Benjamin puts in practice his research work through the development of experimental prototypes, as seen in the construction of Hy-Fi, a monumental 13-meter high structure made from 10,000 bricks presented at PSI at the MoMa in 2017. His work consists of using organic materials in architectural construction that he has articulated in three frameworks: bio-processing, bio-sensing, and bio-manufacturing.