Éric Klarenbeek et Maartje Dros


Eric Klarenbeek and Maartje Dros have formed a duo since 2004. Studio Klarenbeek & Dros collaborate on R&D and design projects striving for local new economies and production chains, material development and durable design objects for public space, interior design and consumer products. Their clients vary from the Dutch Ministry, the Province of Utrecht, ZLTO, Droog, Moooi, and the City of Zaandam.
The projects range from social and site specific designs and products. The mycelium based materials and designs started with the Mycelium Project and Chair (NL, 2010), which was published and exhibited extensively and resulted in the founding of a company for mycelium based products named Krown (NL, 2017). Also the studio worked on several projects on the development of biopolymers from local sources, 3D Bakery (NL, 2015), AMS ‘Circular Supply Chain for the City’ (2016) and the Algae Lab at Luma, Arles (FR, 2017), resulting in sustainable products from Algae meanwhile focusing on durable and sustainable production methods.
Next to the studio’s projects Eric and Maartje are tutors at in the Master’s degree program at the Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven. Eric is also involved in the Master’s of Architecture in Tilburg. In 2011 he founded the ArTechLab at Artez Enschede and this year the Biolab at Design Academy Eindhoven is given form.