Guillian Graves

Industrial designer and biodesigner

Big Bang Project is the Parisian studio of the industrial designer and biodesigner Guillian Graves. It specializes in the design of the products and services of tomorrow, research and teaching.
In response to the challenges that have been proposed by its international partners – startups, corporations, and research centers – Big Bang Project has created a unique methodology at the cutting edge of socially-responsible design, science, and technology.
This uncommon approach allows Big Bang Project to design innovative and pertinent solutions to the major problems of tomorrow in sectors such as energy, health, habitat, mobility, environment, space, and humanitarian aid.
Each project is unique. That's why the team of designers at Big Bang Project work closely with an interdisciplinary community of researchers and engineers, gaining partners, and skills, at the end of each new project.
Through Big Bang Project, Guillian Graves also gives talks and leads workshops for industrial and academic audiences. In addition, he teaches  at the ENSCI-Les Ateliers (French national institute for advanced studies in industrial design), where he directs the Design and Biology research program, at the Centre Michel Serres (HESAM University/Hautes Études Sorbonne Arts et Métiers), and at the UBO Open Factory (Université de Bretagne Occidentale). He is also board member of the biohacker space La Paillasse and is the design instructor of the Institut Pasteur’s iGEM team.