Olivier Zeitoun


Olivier Zeitoun is a member of the design and industrial prospects department at the Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou. Zeitoun holds two master’s degrees and works on exhibitions and acquisitions for the museum. He is a regular contributor to publications and artist catalogues. In 2017, he co-organized the exhibitions “Imprimer Le Monde” and “Ross Lovegrove. Convergence” at the Centre Pompidou and took part is “Coder le Monde” in 2018. In 20019, he was the co-curator of the exhibition “La Fabrique du Vivant”. His research focuses on issues connected to digital art and design via a transversal approach. In 2018 he published a research essay on dance and the computer and in 2019 (forthcoming), on the historical connections between living materials and art works.