Olivier Dauchot

Director of research

Olivier Dauchot, is director of the CNRS Gulliver laboratory, at ESPCI, in Paris, where he also leads the recently founded research team EC2M (Collective effects in Soft Matter). His general interest is to develop model experiments for studying divided soft-matter and collective effects. Developing collaborations with theoretical teams is one of his hallmarks. He presently concentrates on active matter, self-assembling, and glass forming systems. Previously, Olivier was leading the Group Instabilities and Turbulence in CEA-Saclay. At that time he brought significant contributions to the study of jamming in granular media, to that of chaotic mixing, as well as to the understanding of transition to turbulence. In the mid-90ies, Olivier has co-founded Internet-Way, one of the first Internet Access Provider in France, later sold to UUNET-Worldcom.